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Identify areas of good practice and training opportunities. Evaluate the effectiveness of your team. Develop meaningful training programs which allow your team to evolve.

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Our Software

Training should never be a stab in the dark. Video analysis with Codimg allows you to objectively create and develop your training needs analysis.

Why Choose Codimg?

Instant Benefits

  • Identify and feedback good professional practice.
  • Quickly and effectively home in on training needs.
  • Evidence based evaluation that is 100% objective and irrefutable.
  • Observation in real-time. Eliminate the need for paper-based evaluations.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the business, saving time and money.

Why Choose Codimg?

  • Create personalised analysis to show the evolution of an employee.
  • Create databases which show the long-term benefits of training within the organisation.
  • Improve the level of communication and teamwork throughout business.
  • Statistical graphs and charts based on multiple TNAs.
  • Develop long-term training strategies to benefit all areas of organisation.
The use of Codimg is essential when you have limited time to provide your team with feedback"

Javier Vázquez

Firefighting Instructor, Falck SCI Training Center

Codimg allows us to improve our business processes"

Walter Vink

CEO, Techrecord

This software is needed to provide intelligent reporting, digitally linking the competencies and skills being assessed.

Chris Freddy

CEO, Video Analysis Africa


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