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Improving Processes with Lean Manufacturing

By Duncan Ritchie 20-04-2022

As a method of mass production, lean manufacturing is not exactly a new concept. In fact, you can se...

Social Learning Theory in the Workplace

By Duncan Ritchie 29-03-2022

Social learning theory is an idea that was developed in the 1970s by famed psychologist Albert Bandu...

The Importance of Soft Skills

By Duncan Ritchie 23-03-2022

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of soft skills in the workplace. Yes, you might be...

Gesell Chamber: Observation Rooms for Forensic Psychology

By Duncan Ritchie 11-02-2022

In recent months, Codimg has been heavily involved in setting up a Gesell Chamber (observation room)...

Top Codimg Team Training Blogs 2021

By Duncan Ritchie 17-12-2021

It’s certainly been a full year for us here at Codimg. All year, we’ve been working hard...

What Is Microlearning?

By Duncan Ritchie 22-11-2021

Microlearning, also known as Micro eLearning and Nanolearning, is a method of education that has com...

What Are Smart Glasses?

By Duncan Ritchie 26-10-2021

What are smart glasses? It seems like this question is on everyone’s lips at the moment. Curre...

4 Ideas for Good Team Dynamics

By Duncan Ritchie 06-09-2021

Good team dynamics are important, of that there is no doubt. A team which gels well, has great commu...

How to Give Constructive Feedback

By Duncan Ritchie 13-07-2021

Giving constructive feedback is one of the most important aspects of management. It helps workers to...

Share Your Analysis Online with Sharimg.com

By Duncan Ritchie 21-06-2021

Looking for a way to share your Codimg analysis work with colleagues and teammates online? Sharimg.c...

What Are Focus Groups and How Can They Be Analysed?

By Duncan Ritchie 15-06-2021

Focus groups are one of the most interesting research tools in the field of marketing. They are desi...

How to Conduct Video Job Interviews

By Duncan Ritchie 07-06-2021

Before 2020 there was a definite trend towards remote working...but it was a slow revolution. In 201...

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