The Gesell Chamber: How to Manage Information Effectively

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Mar, 2021


The Gesell Chamber is a proven exceptional tool for professional psychologists and, for those who use them regularly, Codimg is a fantastic resource for managing the collection of data in a simple, fast and efficient manner. It allows for effective filtering of information and presentation of conclusions.


Codimg develops products aimed at facilitating the observation through video. Professional activities can be reviewed and analysed in order to present conclusions and propose improvements.


Because of this, the nature of the work carried out in the Gesell Chamber is perfectly aligned to our products as it allows psychology professionals to easily collect data on the most outstanding moments of interviews and present them to the relevant authority without the need for professional editing.


What Is a Gesell Chamber and How Is It Used?

The Gesell Chamber is a fundamental resource in the field of psychology and is used in varying situations that require non-invasive observation of people’s behaviour. Examples of this may be criminal investigations and interrogations (especially in situations which involve minors or victims of sexual abuse), clinical psychology, marketing or education.


Basically, the Gesell Chamber consists of a space separated into two rooms, divided by a one-way mirror which allows the observer to watch what is happening on the other side of the mirror without getting involved in it. These periods of observation are recorded, meaning that there are both audio and visual records of what occurs within the chamber.


The objective of using a Gesell Chamber is to create an environment which is conducive to authentic and reliable interviews without the presence of external elements which may influence the behaviour of respondents.


observation in gesell chamber


In Which Disciplines Are Gesell Chambers Used?

From education to medicine, multiple disciplines benefit from being able to extract quality data from personal interviews. Let’s look at some of the common uses:


The Gesell Chamber in Criminology

One of the best-known uses of the Gesell Chamber, popularised in the world of films and television, is in criminology. In real life they are often used for interrogations and extracting confessions. They are also used in the case of sexual abuse where interactions with minors can be key to an investigation.


The Gesell Chamber generates a climate of trust which allows the behaviour of interviewees to be analysed without them feeling pressured by the gaze of the observer (although, generally speaking, they are fully aware that they are being observed and that the session is being recorded).


The Gesell Chamber in Clinical Psychology

Although the methodology is similar to the previous entry, the type of case being observed is completely different. The Gesells Chamber is used in clinical psychology for psychotherapeutic evaluation. The psychologist holds an interview with the patient while other professionals evaluate the behaviour, emotional reactions and cognitive processes of the patient.


The Gesell Chamber in Marketing

This is an excellent resource in field marketing as a qualitative tool for market research. It is especially useful for personal interviews and focus groups.


Without the invasive presence of other professionals, the participants of the focus group express themselves more spontaneously and realistically, making the resulting conclusions more reliable.


Codimg in the Gesell Chamber: How to Optimise Information Management

The Gesell Chamber is a tremendously useful resource for observing behaviour and accessing information. However, the nature of observation means that there is a huge amount of audiovisual information generated which may be difficult to manage.


And this is where Codimg plays a major role as it allows for the management of this information in a manner which is simple and extraordinarily effective, both in the observation phase and in the presentation of conclusions.


Before the Interview: Select the Parameters to Be Observed

The observer must decide which criteria or parameters he wants to observe and save for later review. Once decided, these aspects are moved onto a template where each criterion is translated to a clickable button.


In Codimg, there are two types of button we can create. The main buttons, which we call Categories, represent the key aspects of the observation. The secondary buttons, which we call Descriptors, are used as modifiers to the Categories.


typical codimg button template for gesell chamber


Both button types can be combined to document the sessions in an extremely detailed way. In addition, it’s very easy to filter the information gathered with Codimg to get to the most pertinent information very quickly. 


Many different scenarios can be observed, such is the flexibility of Codimg.


During the Interview: Register Key Moments

During the observation, anytime one of the parameters defined in the previous step is seen, the observer marks it by clicking the relevant button in the template.


The actions which are recorded in this manner are collected in a list, with their start and end time based on the time of the video. The relevant video clips can then be accessed at any time, both during the observation and once it has finished.


Review the Information Collected During or After Interview

The storage of these actions allows you to review those key moments at any time, both live, during the observation itself (if you want to see an action again whilst the camera keeps recording) or later (once the session has ended, you can access the key moments with just one click).


All the actions you have registered will be displayed on our very intuitive Timeline, divided into lines which represent each of the criteria or parameters we decided to observe.


codimg gesell chamber observation data matrix


In addition, the software provides the observer with other tools such as the data matrix, which allows the display of the two types of button, Categories and Descriptors, and shows how they interact with each other.


This means that, as well as reviewing the actions by Category, we can also see how many times they were combined with other buttons. This saves the observer from doing the tedious task of searching for actions over and over again, since, with one click, they can access the specified action.


Saving time in this manner means that the observer can focus on analysing the video and discover specific behaviours and responses that may have gone unnoticed during the live observation. This is truly objective data. 


Text notes and drawings can be added to each registered action to add additional information and provide much more detailed feedback.


Prepare Reports and Share Conclusions 

Once all the registered actions have been reviewed and analysed, the observer can prepare reports based on their conclusion and share them with colleagues who may have an interest in this information.


To do this, Codimg has several tools available to the user. The Presentations environment allows us to select the most interesting video clips and organise them into playlists, creating an audiovisual summary which can either be projected directly from Codimg itself or exported as a video file.


codimg gesell chamber dashboard statistical charts


Covers, transitions, notes, drawings and other elements can be added to the Presentation to complement the conclusions within.


Converting Observations into Statistical Graphs

Undoubtedly, one Codimg’s star tools is the Dashboard, which allows you to transform the collected data into quantitative graphical information (pie charts, bar charts, trend lines, data and time labels, etc.)


Again, it is a simple process to turn button clicks into engaging information and this is extremely effective when developing enhanced, detailed forensic reports.


The Dashboard is also interactive, which means that relevant video clips can be accessed by clicking on the relevant graph.


The versatility of Codimg gives the professional a solution which can be adapted to any analysis criteria, any type of interview or any type of psychological protocol.


The Benefits of Using Codimg

Codimg allows for the effective management of all data, video and audio gleaned from the Gesell Chamber making the observation process effective and efficient.


Here are a few of the benefits of using Codimg in this manner:


Immediate Benefits

  • Real-time analysis while live streaming and / or in post-analysis
  • Save time and money
  • Highlight key moments and analyse forensic interviews
  • Design as many evaluation criteria as needed for interviews
  • Get feedback in real-time or at the end of the session
  • Obtain 100% objective and irrefutable information on the fly


Long-Term Benefits

  • Evaluate behaviour in detail and translate them into statistics
  • Improve reports thanks to deep and measured analysis
  • Personalised and objective evaluation of the forensic interview process
  • Databases of information for the different judicial agents

A Watershed in Gesell Chamber Management

Without a doubt, the use of Codimg in the Gesell Chamber marks a watershed moment for how obtained data is managed. Whether it be in the preparation for sessions, implementing plans or documenting and presenting conclusions, Codimg is the perfect tool and goes hand in hand with the Gesell Chamber.


If you are interested in seeing the power of Codimg video analysis for yourself, get in contact with us at for an informal chat and a free trial.


Thanks for reading!



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