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Codimg Supports the Instructor Through Video Analysis

Watch Video

Identify  Review  Learn

Identify and tag key moments in simulation for later analysis. Effectively review actions with precision and comfort. Maintain dynamism throughout the process.

How Does It Work?

Design a Checklist

Observe and Tag Key Moments

Review Collected Data

Share Findings in Debriefing

Our Software

Quality healthcare training solution for hospitals which allows for the monitoring and evaluation of students and staff in an objective manner.

Why Choose Codimg?

Instant Benefits

  • Checklist of actions adapted to the criteria of the observer.
  • Analysis in real-time or through live streaming.
  • Quick and effective debriefing sessions with information which is 100% objective and irrefutable.
  • Automatic self-evaluation through video.

Why Choose Codimg?

  • A deep and profound understanding of the subject through constant analysis.
  • Statistical data based on medical simulation sessions.
  • Improved teamwork and communication throughout the organisation.
  • Create databases of information for other healthcare teams.
  • Personalised and objective analysis of individuals and teams.
Codimg helps us to hone right in on the moments we went to reflect on.

Esther León

Coordinator of Research, Development and Innovation in the Simulation Lab, University of Barcelona

The power to analyse and reflect on actions taken in a safe environment such as the simulation lab is a fundamental tool in overcoming the culture of error.

Pablo Jorge

Cardiologist and Advanced Clinical Simulation Instructor, University Hospital of the Canary Islands

Codimg allows us to evaluate footage easily even if we are not in the same place.

Óscar Martínez

Gynaecologist and Head of Simulation and Obstetric Emergencies Hospital Puerta de Hierro


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