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26 Apr 2021 7 minute read


Duncan Ritchie Media Team


Apr, 2021


Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz (FJD) is a university hospital based in Madrid with a long and storied history. Founded in 1955 and with many of Spain’s brightest and best doctors, nurses and medical researchers passing through its hallowed halls throughout the years, FJD is now a reference hospital and a leader in the field of healthcare in Spain and the wider world.


Innovation is at the heart of FJD’s values and mission statement where they state that they will:


Lead the transformation of the current Healthcare System to ensure its sustainability while promoting innovation and incorporating new and available technologies.


This is apparent in every facet of the hospital, from the medical equipment they utilise in diagnosis and treatment through to the teaching of the next generation of doctors and nurses, the latter of which is where Codimg comes into the picture.



Codimg: The Perfect Tool for Evaluation of Medical Simulation and OSCE



At FJD, Codimg is generally used in the Escuela de Enfermería (Nursing College) where it plays an integral part in the evaluation of how new nurses perform in medical simulations and OSCE scenarios.


Simulation,either with dummies or actors, is a fundamental part of a nurse’s learning and gives them a taste of common healthcare scenarios and emergencies they will encounter in real life after leaving the safe confines of the Simulation lab.


As well as providing invaluable experience, scenarios such as these allow a student nurse to see the good and bad points of their working practice and show them where they need to focus their training.


Video and video analysis with Codimg is absolutely essential to the tutors at FJD, allowing them to quickly and easily create effective and objective feedback for their students in debriefing sessions. Codimg can also be used as a self-evaluation tool for students who can access the key points of their simulation in seconds.


Codimg: Organised and Flexible Evaluation



So, how does it work?


Video analysis with Codimg can be done in a couple of different ways, either live whilst observing the simulated scenario, or retrospectively through a video capture of the event.


The equipment for doing the analysis may also change depending on the situation, with Codimg View, our iPad app, being used in situations which require mobility and the main Codimg desktop app being used when more computing power may be required.


The first step in the process is to create a button template. This will contain the evaluation criteria for analysis. From here, it’s an easy process to “register” or “tag” the video using these buttons.


video analysis at fundacíon Jímenez Díaz


Each tag will create a snippet of video which will be organised by the Codimg software into a database and the relevant clips for each action recalled for review at the click of a mouse. This one function of Codimg is worth the price of admission alone and means that a tutor doesn’t have to wade through hours of footage to find the relevant selection of clips they want to show the student but it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what Codimg can do.


Using the data collected from each button click realised, Codimg can automatically create eye-catching data visualisation such as charts and graphs. These can be inserted into scripted video presentations, which can also be created automatically by Codimg, to ensure the highest possible level of communication with students and other tutors.


Saving Time: One of Codimg’s Greatest Advantages



Alejandro Martínez, featured in each of the videos in this article, is a tutor and simulation instructor at the Nursing College. Every year he creates and conducts simulated scenarios for thousands of student nurses. He’s also the leader of the Codimg project at FJD and is quite clear about the main advantages of using Codimg


“Codimg allows us to mark different criteria that we need to evaluate in an OSCE in a very fast intuitive manner. Working like this lets us review a student’s performance very quickly. It saves a lot of time...and that is one of Codimg’s greatest advantages.”


codimg button template for healthcare video analysis


Apart from saving time, another huge advantage of using Codimg is that it is completely adaptable to any and all simulation situations.


Take OSCEs for example, where there are a variety of scenarios to be evaluated, the evaluation criteria may be subtly different for each station. It is an easy task to adapt existing Codimg templates or to create new ones in line with each situation. To read more about using Codimg for OSCE evaluation, click here.


Award Winning Innovation

At this point, we’d like to congratulate FJD on becoming the first hospital in the world to win the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Award for Excellence.


This demonstrates the strategic vision and excellent practice throughout the hospital. It also reflects on their willingness to innovate in terms of technology. 


At Codimg, we’re proud to be part of this innovation and would like to say a heartfelt thank you for putting your trust in us at the Nursing College.


Codimg: The Final Word

Although Codimg is mainly used at the Nursing College of FJD, our software can be adapted to almost any healthcare situation that would benefit from video analysis. From reviewing good practice on the ward, to the analysis of complex brain surgery in the theatre, any situation can be analysed and improved upon.


For more information on our product, check out our website and contact us at for more information.


Thanks for reading.



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