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Apr, 2021

As well as being one of the most nerve-racking parts of healthcare training for students, OSCE assessment is also one of the most labour intensive parts of a course for tutors and assessors.


The writing of scenarios and standardised assessment criteria, the setting up of the stations themselves and, of course, the assessment of hundreds of students...all of this can lead to a certain degree of burnout on the side of the assessors, which can subsequently lead to what is regarded as one of the biggest drawbacks of OSCE assessment...a lack of objectivity.


So, what if there was a piece of software which could reduce the workload of an OSCE assessor, ensure objectivity across the board and provide evidence based assessment, all at the click of a button? Would you be interested?


Well, this software does exist and it’s called Codimg.



Codimg Software for OSCE Assessment on PC and iOS

How Codimg Is Used in OSCE Assessment

Codimg is a suite of video analysis tools which means the assessor can record the student as they complete each phase of the OSCE and, at the same time, use the software to mark the assessment criteria on the video, producing a database of video clips and data which provides objective proof of a student’s performance. This may sound complicated, but it’s really not, as we’ll explain later in the article.


Codimg is designed for video analysis in a wide variety of situations and is suitable for all aspects of OSCE assessment, be they clinical or communication based.


The software works in three stages:


•    Observation

•    Analysis

•    Feedback


Each of these stages ensures that assessment is objective, fair, fast and irrefutable.


Let’s look at each stage in more detail…


Trainee Doctors Look at Codimg View for OSCE



The process of observation involves filming the students partaking in the OSCE scenarios whilst using Codimg to film and assess.


Filming and assessment can both be done through our iOS app, Codimg View. If each station in the OCSE is furnished with an iPad with View installed, the assessment process can be concluded extremely rapidly.


The first step is to create an assessment Template in Codimg. This will be a series of pressable buttons which will mark important parts of the video and also describe how a student does these tasks.


For example, let’s look at an OSCE communication task...the breaking of bad news. The assessment for this may be based around the SPIKES protocol, in which case you would have a Codimg button for:


•    Setting

•    Perception

•    Invitation

•    Knowledge

•    Emotions and Empathy

•    Strategy and Summary


Each of these would be what we call our main Categories. Alongside these buttons, we would have our assessment criteria, or Descriptor buttons. These may include things such as Use of Language, Tone of Voice, Body Language, Good, Bad, etc.


The idea here is to build up a database of video clips where the student does well or badly during the OCSE in order to give an objective assessment.


For example, in the Category of Emotions and Empathy, if the student’s body language is closed with crossed arms and legs, you would press:


Emotions and Empathy > Body Language > Bad


This logs the problem in the database which in turn gives the assessor an at-a-glance view of a students performance and a video clip of the scenario should the student want proof of their performance.


This leads us on to the analysis part of the process.


Young Doctors Ready for OSCE Assessment with Codimg



Codimg puts a multitude of tools at your disposal for quickly assessing a student’s performance, all relating to the button presses done in the previous section.


Assessment tools in Codimg include:


•    Dashboard. Automatically creates graphs, charts and labels to show you a visualisation of a student’s performance, all of which are linked to the appropriate videos by the click of a mouse.

•    Data Matrix. Shows the relationship between Categories and Descriptors in an easy to read format. Interactive so that clicking on an intersection between each Category and Descriptor will bring up the relevant video clips.

•    Export to Excel. Various ways to export your data to Excel where the data can be stored and used in any way you see fit.


These, and more analytical tools included in the program, make it easy for you to make an assessment which is 100% objective. If everyone in the department is working from the same Template, the process becomes foolproof and irrefutable.


When the analysis stage is complete, there’s only one more thing to do…


OSCE Assessor Chatting with Students About Codimg



Codimg is not just an assessment tool, it is also a learning tool. Effective feedback from OCSEs can be invaluable to students, especially those who have failed.


Codimg allows the assessor to easily create a compilation video of clips from the OSCE that can be shared to the student in order for them to see where they went wrong and how to correct it for the next time.


This is done through Codimg’s Presentation environment where lists of clips can be added manually, or even automatically, depending on the Template used. These lists can then be exported as mp4 videos and sent to the student for perusal in their own time.


Codimg Presentations also allow you to add slides, transitions and various other effects in order to produce more professional videos for presenting to relevant bodies.


Try It Free

Ok, we know that this process may sound convoluted and confusing, but it’s really not. The system is intuitive and easy to handle and anyone can get up and running with it with a little input and practice. 


Creating a Template takes less time than creating a paper based assessment and, once it’s done, it can be saved and modified with ease when needed. 


And we guarantee that Codimg provides the most important aspect when it comes to OSCE assessment...objectivity.


To try Codimg for yourself, we can offer you a free trial to see for yourself how useful it can be to you for assessing and teaching students.


Get in contact with us today at for an informal chat about your needs and how Codimg can help improve your workflows.


Put your trust in us won’t regret it.



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