Objective Feedback for Effective Education

Codimg Provides Non-Invasive Observation to Promote Good Classroom Practice

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Identify good practice and learning opportunities. Evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and the learning experience. Develop pedagogical knowledge and classroom management skills

How Does It Work?

Design a Checklist

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Our Software

Codimg can be used in observed teaching sessions or as a non-invasive student assessment tool

Unleash the Potential of Teachers and Students

Instant Benefits

  • Identify and feedback good teaching methods and classroom management skills.
  • Identify gaps and weaknesses in students’ knowledge base.
  • Quickly and effectively home in on training or learning needs.
  • Evidence based evaluation that is 100% objective and irrefutable.
  • Observations in real-time. Eliminate the need for paper-based evaluations.
  • Improve the learning experience and knowledge of all students.

Unleash the Potential of Teachers and Students

  • Create personalised analyses to show the evolution of a teacher’s abilities.
  • Create databases for each individual student for long term evaluation.
  • Share databases with other departments and centres to get an overview of school.
  • Improve communication and teamwork to raise level of teaching centre.
  • Statistical graphs and charts based on multiple observation sessions.
  • Effective self-evaluation for teachers who want to take professional development into their own hands.
  • Conduct evidence based educational research.
Codimg allow us an exhaustive and objective analysis of what happens in the classroom"

Cristobal Calderón

High School Teacher & Guidance Counsellor

A great resource for improving oratory and speech skills and giving instant feedback"

Dr. Araceli Alonso

Academic Director of Translation and Applied Languages, Europea del Atlántico University

The impact of Codimg has been to sharpen the precision of our coaching meetings and to stimulate a deeper self-reflection from our staff"

Harrison Littler.

Vice Principal. Torquay Academy.


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