Video Analysis in Education Blog

Discover how Codimg can improve the teaching and learning process in the classroom through video observation and feedback

A New Interface and New Features: Codimg 9.2 Has Arrived

By Duncan Ritchie 19-01-2024

When you open Codimg 9.2 for the first time after updating, you’ll immediately be struck by th...

Codimg: Technology for Academic Research

By Duncan Ritchie 11-09-2023

In recent years, Codimg has become an import tool for research. It has been used to collect quantita...

The Correct Use of Observation

By Duncan Ritchie 22-02-2023

Observation is a fundamental tool for objective collection of information. This is a technique used...

Top Codimg Blogs of 2022

By Duncan Ritchie 19-12-2022

Well, the end of the year is almost upon us…and what better time to look back and take stock...

Digital Literacy in Education

By Duncan Ritchie 14-11-2022

Students today have grown up as digital natives. In most cases, they know more about the online worl...

How to Teach Soft Skills to High School or College Students

By Duncan Ritchie 19-09-2022

As we’ve said many times in this blog, the role of the teacher is in a constant state of flux....

How to Implement Mastery-Based Grading

By Duncan Ritchie 16-08-2022

In this blog, we’ve talked a lot about innovative teaching methods that we expect to become th...

Evaluation Rubrics

By Duncan Ritchie 29-07-2022

Evaluation rubrics provide a clear-cut method of assessing a student’s performance with no roo...

Schools of the Future

By Duncan Ritchie 08-06-2022

What shape will schools of the future take? This is one the most frequently asked questions by educa...

Genius Hour: Independent and Life-Long Learning

By Duncan Ritchie 03-05-2022

Genius Hour is a type of project-based learning that has exploded in popularity amongst teachers and...

Top Codimg Education Blogs 2021

By Duncan Ritchie 14-12-2021

  As the end of the year approaches, we’re looking back at an extremely successful year...

The Benefits of Hybrid Learning

By Duncan Ritchie 13-10-2021

In the post-COVID landscape, hybrid learning is the current education trend on everyone’s lips...

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