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Discover how Codimg can improve the teaching and learning process in the classroom through video observation and feedback

Genius Hour: Independent and Life-Long Learning

By Duncan Ritchie 03-05-2022

Genius Hour is a type of project-based learning that has exploded in popularity amongst teachers and...

Top Codimg Education Blogs 2021

By Duncan Ritchie 14-12-2021

  As the end of the year approaches, we’re looking back at an extremely successful year...

The Benefits of Hybrid Learning

By Duncan Ritchie 13-10-2021

In the post-COVID landscape, hybrid learning is the current education trend on everyone’s lips...

Gamification in Education

By Duncan Ritchie 24-08-2021

Gamification in education involves taking inspiration and elements from video games and applying the...

Creating a Flipped Classroom

By Duncan Ritchie 27-07-2021

The flipped classroom is one of the most interesting educational concepts to come to light in recent...

The Importance of Classroom Observation

By Duncan Ritchie 07-07-2021

Without a doubt, classroom observation is an important part of teaching. It ensures that teachers ar...

How Do We Learn Today?

By Ibán Suárez 01-06-2021

We’re sure that since waking up this morning you’ve already spent a good portion of your...

Education Comes First

By Ibán Suárez 24-05-2021

Nowadays, video analysis is common in the academic and professional worlds as a tool for research an...

The Importance of Constructive Video Feedback in Education

By Duncan Ritchie 11-05-2021

Effective feedback is one of the most important stages of the teaching process at any level, subject...

Codimg: Teacher Coaching at Torquay Academy

By Duncan Ritchie 24-03-2021

Torquay Academy is a secondary school in the town of Torquay, Devon, England. It follows the English...

Innovating with Codimg and Colegio Miralmonte

By Duncan Ritchie 24-02-2021

Colegio Miralmonte is a school in the Murcia region of Spain which prides itself on introducing inno...

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